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    Worst diaper you've ever tried!

    Tendercare. I ordered medium (I'm a medium in everything else) I got a case of them as they were cheap i had to send them back and get a large they were to big I could have soaked up more with toilet roll they were rubbish
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    How good are molicare diapers

    hi monkeypuzzler where are you getting your tenna plastic from or do you know where i can get them from as i cant seem to find any that don't cos tan arm and a leg
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    Free Tena slip plus PLASTIC nappies for someone in ESSEX in the UK

    hi jake what size are they im only just over the river
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    Diapered in public for the first time

    i 100% agree i dont even have to think about changing when i get up in the morning it now just a part of getting dressed
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    Diapered in public for the first time

    iv been wearing them out the house now for about 3 months my friends kids asked me the other day if i was wearing a nappy i must admit i got embarrassed and denied it, but my friend just said to his daughter so what if he is who cares just goes to show no one really cares, apart from my postman lol
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    help needed

    we had a little chat about it the other day (i say chat but it was more of a jokey sort of thing) iv been wearing them for the last few days and i know she noticed today as the top of my nappy was poking out for most of it i sort of made sure but she didn't say anything (im not sure if that's...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I was wearing boots own brand basically the same as attends plastic backing sticky tape the works I'm going to try a sample tomorrow of fabric and Velcro a lot easier to undo when going to the toilet
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    What have you done today that you wouldn't normally

    To day I wore a nappy all day after not really wearing one for 3 years today was a good day
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    velcro nappies uk

    does anyone know of any velcro nappies i can buy in the uk that are cheap
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    hi dogboy lucky you i cant even play the spoons lol i used to do a lot of reading when i was younger as i was in hospital alot . i enjoy a bit of engineering and taking things apart just for fun to see how they work other than that just normal day to day stuff like looking after my kids
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    Taking a leap like I've never done before

    why not noone can say anything about it then i doubt anyone will even ask also my daughter also has sb (the one with the long name that i havnt learnt how to spell yet lol) and hydro shes 8 months at the moment
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    help needed

    I got some offline last night if she finds them then il have to tell her but il cross that when it comes to it
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    help needed

    hi all I've been with my partner for 3 years and are engaged i like to wear nappies sometimes i stopped for years but while in hospital a few weeks ago with my youngest i got hold of one and put it on it was lovely anyway i'm looking to buy some but my partner doesnt know and il need to tell her...
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    hi all im really new to this forum thing (this is my first ever I've joined or posted on) so bare with me im here to make friends, advice and to hear your experiences. i live in kent england im engaged with 2 kids. i cant really think of anything else to put so il end it there