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  • Happy Birthday :D You have a nice caaake? :p x

    Eh, just...trucking along, yanno... Feel bad right this second but I'm ok I guess.
    Jus' woke up. More dreams, again :( Blah.

    School basically threatening to throw me out if I dun do well in these exams and I won't do well in them so...yeah.
    Heh. Not really. I haveta go back to sleep inna li'l while...jus' been napping and dreaming (about him :( )...hurts now.
    Awww Well im glad charlie is talking to you and im very happy that you are feeling better. I am very happy. And thank you for the offer but right now im just a little too busy. I work alot.
    Hey James, yeah its been a long time. I have been very busy with school and life and just everything. I have been ok how about you?
    Yay! You uploaded the signiture! How's working out for you?
    It's ok, just getting ready to go to Morsus' place and eating my dinner <3

    Probly won't see much of ya this week D: Busy busy busy pup.
    Yayyy! X3 May pop into chat and seeya a bit later, being forced to study ATM >< still sneakily forumming tho x3
    Mehhh...otay...haven't got as much work done as I would like but I played L4D2 demo and now I want it O.O shame I have no money :p X3 x As for yesterday, I'd rather nuh talk about it...is over now anyways :3 x
    :( not really. for one thing im being told to bed soon anyway...for another today's been very emotionally draining :( i'm pretty much ready to collapse. i'll be alright i just need my down time 2day x :( x
    Not really, I'm kinda busy right now (that is, have enough time to reply to PMs/VMs but not to keep up with chat) cos me and Mama are spending time together for the first time in a while...shoot me a PM if you want though :3
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