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    I've never gotten why...

    I think it's more like "the icing of the cake" is like " you can't always get what you want". For instance, icing obviously makes the cake more decadent; but we always think beauty it what we create, regardless of knowing that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" ( who said that?)...
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    MLP FIM Ponies on diapers.

    Ok, so... back in the day, like 1980's to early 1990's, MLP's had diapers and bottles..... literally like every other "girl" toy made in North America. But they were like little dolls in my day; bottles, with a bib, little crib, a rocking "sled" and a tiny box of 2 diapers. Like, you would buy...
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    Is it ok to have an older gentleman as your "Daddy"

    This is important to you; to all of us here, meeting on this site. You are in a vulnerable position; you should be very careful with the people you allow to enter your life; you never know what that person truly intends towards you. On the other hand, I do personally believe in innate...
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    enjoyment/shame in equal measure?

    I've been through this too, and pretty recently. I'm thinking this is pretty common regardless of age... it's a natural desire for us to regress or to desire using them for a fetish, but in the back of our heads... we know society frowns on this. And inevitably, for whatever our reasons are...
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    I agree, the exaggerated expressions drive me crazy too; wolf's rain is great, for it doesn't have that but is beautifully done artistically, as is Spice and Wolf. I really like Mushi-shi too; and it's kinda gory, but I'm watching Corpse Princess right now, and it's pretty good. It's an older...
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    How do you "be" a furry?

    Hey, check out It is the main furry site, and it has links to furry meet ups and conventions, and has a similar set up to here. Hope this helps :) Also, depending on where you live, has furry communities as well to meet up with; more helpful around larger cities, but...
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    Lil Tavi Arts

    Yep, I like that one too.
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    you check out spice and wolf? How'd you like it :)

    you check out spice and wolf? How'd you like it :)
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    Are 'You' My Friend?

    lmao! You don't take life too seriously, eh?
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    Are 'You' My Friend?

    I agree with Snaps and Chanch0; this is how I feel too. I grew up with it; so to me it's normal. In a way it can be refreshing, for it allows us to talk to many people at one time that will relate to what we are going through. I think it helps us to relate to people on another level. It might...
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    Dr. Pepper Ten

    Anyone seen Conan the Barbarian? Starred the ever famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.... I liked it, and it was funny to watch it recently cuz it's so super cheesy, and hard to take too seriously. That's kind of like this Dr. Pepper ad, at least to me :)
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    All I can think of is the Dragon's of Pern.... which is a good series too. I found Star Hatchling? I love sci fi, so I will be checking it out :) Ender's game is one of my favorites. That is great that you grow your own food! We all should be doing that, to some extent. I really would like...
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    Is Spice and Wolf any good?

    Spice and Wolf is one of my favorites! I highly recommend checking it out. I like it because it is a more serious one, and less hyper than most. There are only two seasons that I know of, but it is based off of a manga that has a much fuller story. And yes, Holo the Wise wolf has a beautiful...
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    Interesting thing i found about us

    You're right, Kitsiulla. But I do like that NightFox brought up that she doesn't show credentials; just for the purpose of validating her own credibility, it would be in her own best interest to list more of her qualifications or activities she's done to show why her knowledge is a good source...
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    good anime?

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! I have seen Death Note, which I liked. I gotta list now, thanks! I have seen Mushishi too and really liked it, for those that like Princess Mononoke type anime. It is one of the more mellow ones. Thanks!