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  • Sorry, Mallory about that. I from Kelowna In BC I have been wanting to meet ABDL's in the area and chat that's all, sorry to hear you've been wearing all your life must add stress to life's situations.

    I became a fan through puberty I just became attracted to them, I don't know why? I had no need for them when I was young. Although I heard my potty training years where interesting. Always even when younger found them interesting.

    Thank for Chatting
    I didn't see ur reply cause u wrote on ur own profile!! lol

    I'm from BC and I've been wearing diapers since birth so it was easy to get into :D
    True they do, I totally think we in north have an amazing country. Malory which part of the Country are you from and what got into the AB/DL side.?
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