Kool down to earth kinda dude with a bedwetting problem.

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don't have a favorite diaper but I do use Goodnites when I sleep away from my place.
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So Hi all. Jordan here and I am new to the group (duh I am posting on the introduction page LOL) Anyway. Here is a lil of my story.

I am not really am AB or DL but I do still have a for real bedwetting problem. I still pee the my bed a few times a month, crazy since I am now 24 and still stuck in this lil kids problem. So like I was a chronic bed wetter growing up. It was like just about every night through elementary school, then 3-4 nights a week in middle school, and in high school I was still wetting my bed 1-3 nights a week.

Through elementary school I also seemed to have a lot of accidents in my clothed during the day. idk, I just get so into what I was doing that I did not recognize or take care of the need to go pee and ended up having a bathroom accident in my clothes. Funny part is when I realized I had wet on myself usually I'd just keep doing what I was until someone noticed and made me go change.

So yeah that's kinda my story.