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    I’m living in the uk is anyone else here from the area

    I'm from Bedford and go to Cambridge quite often due to in-laws living there.😀
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    How old are you?

    I'm 31 🙂
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    Adult Cot Bedding UK

    All I can think of is bedding for children with disabilities who have adapted beds
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    Pushed up belly while wearing a nappy

    Thank you ☺️
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    Pushed up belly while wearing a nappy

    I'm quite a chubby guy and recently I'm having trouble with while I wearing a nappy above the waistline of the nappy is pushing my tummy up and causing a bulge above the nappy especially when I sit down. I was wondering if this happens to anyone else.
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    adult baby club anyone going

    I've always wanted to attend but have been too nervous to go. On the 18th I'm busy bu T if you do go please give feed back I would love to know what's it like.
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    Proud of my misses

    I think it's a lovely idea but I agree about the price being too high for what you are getting. But for some people of that's what they are willing to pay that's up to them.
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    Boyish Littles?

    I'm a Trans little boy, I like all things boyish or that don't seem to show a for a certain gender. But I don't like things that are girly, I think it just reminds me of my previous self and of who I'm not.
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    That's really cool bedroom
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    In a bed as I share with partner, this is my side of the of the bedroom
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    Hmmm 🤔 I wonder if my room give me away.
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    Helping my little

    You should each write down what turns you on and what each of you would like to explore. Sex toys are always good and you both can look online and choose together.
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    Gassy when wearing diapers?

    I know sometimes when I'm wearing a nappy and a little anxious I do get gassy but I think it's situational. In public and having a feeling I might poo but it ends up to be a false poo
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    Beard or no beard?

    I have facial hair most of the time as in daily life it makes me feel I look a bit more masculine. But when I'm feeling very little/baby I will have a shave.
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    Any uk people

    East of England