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    My love for diapers seems completely incompatible with my faith. [Vent/rant]

    You are in a real bind. On the one hand you have a need for a belief system that gives you rules and order. Then you are a diaper lover which you conclude is outside the rules, that sexual pleasure outside of marriage is sinful. I was raised a Catholic also and know this territory well with...
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    Do you guys know what this mean?

    Who knows. You need to find out. Is this woman interesting to you?
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    molicare plastic backed?

    I've been a big fan of the Premium Slip Super Plus in Small size for a long time. This is a cloth backed with medium absorbancy. I like them because of the fit, for me its a trim fit as the small maximum waist size is 34" which is my size. They are relatively inexpensive; I get them from...
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    Have you ever forgot your not wearing a diaper and wet yourself?

    There have been times when I might start to let go and then realize I don't have a diaper on. It's never more than a trickle and I pull back. Oddly when I am diapered I am often unaware when I am peeing, so I think the brain has a pretty good mechanism for registering the potential for an...
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    Long Island NY DL

    Hey, welcome! I happen to be on Long Island too, they just call it Queens! I see the Bronx is represented here, Brooklyn anyone?
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    Mega max

    That’s is a loud logo they have there! I wonder who they think they are advertising to? I do not see many people walking the streets in their diaper!
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    Mattress Protector

    Thanks all. The cover I have on my mattress is waterproof, one that the mattress goes into like a bag and zips in, also protects against bedbugs. What I am looking for I guess is a pad that I can remove and wash and is absorbable. Taking off that cover is a 2 person operation. I am seeing...
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    Mattress Protector

    Can anyone recommend a good mattress protector that is not plasticy and is breatheable? For some reason I have wet the bed 3x in the past week. It is very weird as normally I might have this happen once a year if that. I have frequent urination from partly prostate issues, and normally sit up...
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    The Global Warming Scam!

    I must admit I don't have the category of political scientist and and independent scientist in my mental file drawers. What defines these? I suspect you might say a political scientist is one who works for a government or a university. An independent scientist is one who is self - funded? Or...
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    The Global Warming Scam!

    The OP really needs to educate himself. There is no evidence that solar activity causes the global warming of the past 200 years, and there is a direct correlation between CO2 emissions and warming. Strange that we still need to have this discussion when the serious discussion is how bad its...
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    Anyone like me (mostly overactive bladder)???

    My experience is very much like yours. I have had the same issue since probably my forties. It started gradually and is now to the point that I rarely go out now without some kind of protection, either an external catheter or a diaper. For a long time though before I discovered diapers or...
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    So I'm curious

    I am experimenting with using large capacity diapers (Northshore in this case), and wearing longer. If you need to go poop (in the toilet), what do you do with the diaper? Do you put it back on if it still has good capacity. Seems somewhat gross but I guess it cannot hurt, it was just on me...
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    wikiHow --to cope with being a diaper lover

    I came across this site randomly and thought it had pretty good information. Must have been written by an abdl. Are we getting mainstream?
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    Molicare sizing

    So I'm trying to figure out if Molicare medium will fit. I use the small which has a top size of 34" which is my size. I would like a little more wing and absorbancy; also the small can leak if I am not aimed properly, being that a man can go any which way. The chart shows medium starts at...
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    My first ABDL purchase

    Arrived today my first abdl diaper! Very exciting!! I’ve been a vanilla wearer for a few years, and always wondered if I was missing something with the prints. A trial pack of Crinklz. My first reaction was oh how silly. I don’t know how much little I have in me, it’s a little scary to...