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    Question to all

    My recommendation would be to get the art before deciding. Find an lesser known artist who enjoys drawing art for themself and throw a few bucks at them to draw you whatever generic wolf/fox/dog mix suits their fancy.
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    Irl friends ok with you being an ab/dl?

    This. All of my irl friends who know are furries.
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    Megamax Blue have a better fit? TL;DR: less sticky tapes and less adhesive attaching the shell to the backsheet. The lower amount of adhesive means the plastic shell feels thinner.
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    I never thought this would happen, oh my GOSH!

    Leak in what way? Plastic backed doesn't seep out the entire diaper and are way better at odor control, but if it's coming out the leg openings then that's on you (wet slower and/or change how you tape it and/or switch to a diaper that fits you better and/or change it sooner) Ask him what his...
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    The reveal thread Also, the answer to the question "should I tell my friends/family/parents" is almost always "no", unless it's a special circumstance.
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    The constant quest for why?

    I'm the oldest, with a sister who's 4 years younger. It had zero bearing on my abdl tendencies though. I apparently had an affinity for crinkling sounds from a pre-memory age, and I can remember wanting to stay in pullups even before my sister came along. There's a double handful of instances I...
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    Diaper Activities with Partner

    Yep, just takes lots of practice. The extra fun and/or intimacy is worth someone else doing it though in my opinion. I sacrificed quite a few diapers to ill fits while teaching my bf how to put one on me. Of course I say that as somebody who only wears occasionally for fun.
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    What does your vanilla partner do to please you ?

    My boyfriend is kinky, but diapers aren't his thing and watersports is a definite no. He doesn't like to change wet diapers, but will put clean ones on me if I ask. He's also occasionally used a vibrator on my diaper, which was great fun for me but I don't think he got much out of it. He's also...
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    Laundry and the ABDL

    I wash my onesies unsnapped and haven't had any issues. Just throw them in the the rest of the clothes. I do have a pretty modern and gentle side loading washer though. As for training pants vs AIO, AIOs tend to have a waterproof outer shell. If you want to see the activation thing firsthand...
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    Excited about fixing my credit WITH DIAPERS!

    This thread has really turned into people parroting back generic financial advice without really understanding the reasons behind it and how those reasons may or may not apply to your specific situation. The bottom line is: as long as you're paying the card off in full every month, you're fine...
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    Wearing a Diaper Under Your Wedding Dress

    nobody, at least up until they took the picture and posted it on the internet, which strongly implies an invitation for discussion and comment.
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    Tena Ultra question

    These are cloth-backed and different from the European version of the Tena super and Tena ultra, right?
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    Excited about fixing my credit WITH DIAPERS!

    If you're paying it off every month, the interest rate doesn't matter particularly much. If you can get a card with more rewards points and stuff at the cost of higher interest (which you'll never pay, because you pay off your card every month, right?), it would be leaving free money on the...
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    Mate finds diapers unsexy

    I think we're in a similar situation as far as partners and diapers go. My boyfriend is fine with me wearing and using them, he'll even put them on me, but he doesn't find them particularly sexy or anything. My solution to having both sexytimes and diapers is to keep a vibrating back massager...
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    Firearms that are not available

    P90, with the short barrel. An AR-15 that doesn't have to be some hidiously mutilated thing do to CA laws. I also think a muzzle loader with a bunch of tactical hardware (pistol grip, adjustable stock, holosight) on it would be hilarious.