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    What do you like better, crinkles or peekabu?

    That rating is nonsense. It's an ISO standard but it's obtained by dunking the diaper in a bucket of water and weighing it after several minutes. Per actual testing in the advanced diaper reviews section, crinklz will hold sightly more. That said, both diapers hold enough that I find myself...
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    Am I the only one that prefers cloth backed diapers?

    Pretty much. I have one rl friend who says he prefers cloth backed, but then he uses these weird japanese diapers that are designed to use a cloth backed booster within the cloth backed outer shell. In theory I like cloth backed, but the reality of my experience is that they always get damp and...
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    First diapers you have worn since starting to wear diapers as a teenager/adult?

    I did plenty of makeshift diapers and lining underwear with a baby diaper as a teen, but my first "real" diapers were the 6 tape plastic backed depends. They were actually a little bit disappointing due to being thin and scratchy, so I also count the first time I bought molicares from a local...
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    Tips for changing a nappy in public?

    Learn where the top tapes go and you don't even need a wall. Get it lined up grasping the front in one hand and the back in the other, then switch to holding the front up with your forearm in order to leave your fingers free. Slide the hand holding the back around to the wing and use the front...
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    Crinklz/betterdry still have the highest absorbency per dollar ratio. I'd recommend stocking up on those plus something cheaper and lower capacity like abena. Crinklz will be like 90% of the wearing, and abena can fill the gaps, e.g. when you absolutely need a change at 7pm but want to go to bed...
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    Rearz... Tykables... You're missing out!

    This is about the only part of your post I disagree with. If you Google "best adult diaper" or similar, you'll see a bunch of paid results for depends, prevail, various Tena pad and pull-up solutions, etc. The few websites that have rankings (which are probably bought and paid for) somehow (I...
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    24 hour nappy challenge video on youtube

    I skipped through it, and idkwtf I just watched.
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    Stock up on adult diapers article?
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    First diaper recommendations

    I'd actually recommend not going with a crazy thick abdl diaper at first. I remember the first diaper I put on I was so excited I was shaking and messed up the tapes. It wasn't until I was halfway through the bag a few days later until I was able to be calm enough to wear and actually use them...
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    First Changing With My Little

    If he's laying on the bed or floor, height difference shouldn't matter? Generally you won't be lifting him, just have him put his feet flat on the floor or mattress to lift his butt so you can slide the diaper underneath. Just wipe all over. Unless they're 24/7 and you're changing them every...
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    Stock up on adult diapers article?

    How so? I'm envisioning somebody who isn't IC or ABDL and generally thinks diapers are a weird idea, but decides to give it a shot because of a quirky article. If they end up with wet pants in public for the trouble, they're probably not going to be anxious to try that experience again. To be...
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    Stock up on adult diapers article?

    I suspect they'll take a different lesson from it, mainly that wearing diapers was a terrible idea and they're not going to try it again.
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    A strange thing happened last night...

    Sounds like sleep paralysis. I've had it happen a few times over the years, but it never involved wetting. It's definitely a weird feeling when it happens.
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    Stock up on adult diapers article?

    That popped up in my news feed as well. The biggest issue I have with the article is imagining somebody get desperate enough to actually use the diaper and then find out the hard way that the drugstore brand stuff that the article recommends isn't up to handling a full bladder.
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    Prevent Being Noticed?

    I've been wearing on and off for over 10 years now. - A diaper leak an order of magnitude more noticable than even the thickest premium diaper on the market - The only way to get good at peeing causally while still doing other things is to practice - Diapers are way less noticable than you...