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    WFH causing OAB

    There are medical conditions that we know for sure can cause the bladder to shrink and become less stretchy, such as interstitial cystitis or ketamine-associated ulcerative cystitis, both of which damage the bladder and cause a build up of scar tissue. Long term use indwelling catheters can also...
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    Northshore discontinues stocking Comfidry24/7?

    Here's a thread from January:
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    Old ABDL video

    It actually predated the web by nearly a decade. From what I understand, it was originally just an ABDL social club that sent out a newsletter to members and hosted meets and gatherings. Then he launched the website and online store some time in mid 90s, and was active until about 2007 when he...
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    Northshore discontinues stocking Comfidry24/7?

    This is old news. Northshore stopped carrying Confidry 24/7 months ago. There were even several threads about it here if I recall correctly.
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    Favorite Diaper to wear?

    Betterdry. I actually prefer them over MegaMax. They just seem to fit me better. Plus I really like the way the plastic feels and how massively they swell up. They are also generally less noisy due to the lack of the taping panel.
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    Algorithms bother me

    Does it really matter if you call them nappies or diapers? I fail to see how changing one word for the purposes of search engine optimization constitutes a broad-scale "Americanization" of your favorite porn genre. The simple fact of the matter is that there are more people in the world who use...
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    You can wear skirts or tunic tops over leggings and it looks great no matter how bulky your diaper is. I'd recommend Northshore if you haven't tried their products yet. They make some of the best diapers on the market.
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    Are plastic baby diapers still made?

    There are none sold in the US as far as I am aware. It's possible that they are still sold in developing countries where older machinery and production processes are still used. I know that Latin America for instance has been slower to transition to cloth-backed adult diapers so I would guess...
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    I have a question

    I'm a guy and I always feel like I'm wasting the rear 1/3 of the diaper because it's dry most of the time even when the rest of the diaper is soaked. The exception to this is Northshore Supreme and Supreme Lite which seem to be better at wicking throughout the diaper.
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    Received negative feedback about wearing to work and 24/7.

    What gave it away? How have people come to know or suspect that you’re wearing?
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    Received negative feedback about wearing to work and 24/7.

    What has your experience been like when people have noticed and said something about it? I think I would be way too shy/polite to mention anything if I did notice a coworker wearing.
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    What kind of diaper pail/disposal system do you use?

    How much better is the Akord at containing odors than a standard trash can with a tight-sealing lid? I often have limited opportunities to take out the trash and would ideally like something that could contain the smell for up to a month if necessary. I currently use a different brand diaper...
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    Goin on 13 hours now

    I've been very impressed by BetterDry lately. It's an all-around great diaper. I love how much it swells up. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and never leaks.
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    Beyond XP 5000 Brief

    Could you also please briefly introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be the owner of XP Medical? Many of us knew, or at least knew of, the former owner, Gary, and were sad to see him get out of the business. I know you cannot speak for him, but it would be...
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    Best abdl brand of diapers

    I would recommend Crinklz. They are very absorbent and have three different prints.