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  • Hello there and thank you very much for your messages.
    I was an AB myself, so i know pretty much how my boy is feeling and well I am trying to make his experience good enought.

    Thanks again for your support!
    Coolo I wish I could go to London and Paris. Canada's awesome!
    BAZINGA! So for swimming do you do competetive or just for fun?
    Really good tomorrow is my first day of eighth grade! So you speak German. Most of my heritage is German! How are you? Oh also Bazinga!
    Do you use skype or MSN? Be better to talk on one of them, not sure if i've asked before!
    If your that scared to buy in person, go for the buying online. It's hard for me to say if Libero's would fit, I'm yet to try them so wouldn't know if they are that big! The tena's are brilliant, big and hard to hide, especially disposing of them when full!

    Or just suck it up and get some drynites, even pampers... Think you just need to get out there and get your first experience out of the way man :)
    yet you don't respond lol. i have dont that before though so thats why i asked.
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