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    What do you do while wearing?

    I'm IC so I wear 24/7. I do virtually everything in a diaper. But that's why I wear it, so I can do everything without worry of an embarrassing mess.
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    recommendations for a discreet diaper bag?

    It all depends on what you want to carry in it, and how much. Obviousely it's not a problem for girls because they can carry anything they want, but we are more limited in our options. I often see guys with what could be a laptop bag with room for other things, which may or may not actually...
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    Whats the best Diaper to get. Best Value for the money.

    TotalDry Plus from Bambinos is going to be my next order, maybe this week. Once I get a chance to try tham out I will see how they compare to Depend that I normally wear.
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    Shipping from Bambino

    I've heard horror stories about ABU and am glad to know that Bambino isn't like them.
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    Shipping from Bambino

    I'm in the US desert SW, so not too far away from them. Normally I do try to keep a few weeks buffer but sometimes I let it go uncomfortably too far. I just wanted to makes sure that they don't have crazy-long wait times. So it looks like I don't have anything to worry about. Thanks for all...
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    Shipping from Bambino

    Does anybody know what the typical shipping time from is? I currently order Depend from Walmart and usually get it within a week, but I am switching to the TotalDry Plus. Since I'm IC I depend on always having diapers on hand, so I can't risk running out. I did see a...
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    Depends TV ad

    I don't think they bill themselves as being on par with Molicare or the other makers of diapers for those with severe full-time incontinance. These pullups seem to fill a different niche, for people who have minor to moderate IC and only need a little bit of extra protection, part time. Most...
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    whats your buget for your diapers

    I'm 24/7 so I get one case of Depend every 4 weeks at about $58 each. I'm also currently working on a more economical solution.
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    Shaving and razor burn

    I assume that you are talking about shaving your legs. First of all make sure you use a razor designed for that because they are different than those designed for shaving facial hair. I use Schick for Women. You should mind the other advice about the methods also. When you shave with a razor...
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    Same diaper or different diaper

    Bambinod: I hadn't thought of those bacause I always considered them "premium" diapers. But at that price they are only a little out of my price range. I currently pay 73 cents each after shipping, so whatever I get has to meet that price. However, I wear the small/medium which are cheaper...
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    Lining up your diaper correctly

    I can do it eithet way but prefer laying down. In the beginning it was hard to get it right but I got good at it over the years. Now my wife normally does it and it took her a while to get it right too, but now it's almost always perfect.
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    Same diaper or different diaper

    I have been in Depend for the past 15 years straight, although I did try a few others I got on sample years ago. So I would say that I don't like to change once I find something that works and I can trust. I am full time so I need it to be reliable and economical because I have to "depend" on...
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    Good diaper for my needs

    I haven't considered this one because it's a "premium" diaper and well out of my price range. Is the regular one different than the ones that I've seen listed at sites?
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    Good diaper for my needs

    I'm in the same boat as Sabresong. I need a diaper that's better than Depend but not premium as I'll never utilize it to it's potential. I've been full time in diapers wearing Depend for the last 15 years, and part time for 20 years before that (since I was 11, for bedwetting). When I was...
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    Where do you buy your diapers?

    I usually get my Depend from, reasonable price and shipping time. One case every four weeks or so. Keeps me fully diapered in ok diapers, although I'd like to be able to afford better ones.