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    How do you deal with anger?

    If it's a specific person who is making me angry I tell them why. If it's just life in general then I try to do something enjoyable like making tea.
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    Squier by Fender guitars; Are they worth it?

    I would save the tuners too in addition to all the electronics (including input jack.) You could even experiment with the neck. It's always nice to have scrap guitar parts laying around, you should hold on to it.
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    Do you talk in your sleep?

    One time I woke up while I was yelling out one of the worst profane words in American english. Luckily nobody heard me though.
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    Squier by Fender guitars; Are they worth it?

    If you already have a good strat I'd suggest getting something different. Maybe something with humbuckers or a different scale-length? Then you would have some variety to help get different tones out of your amp.
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    mixing AB and locks

    It has to do with control. Same as diapers and ageplay...
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    Memories of wearing diapers before they were a choice?

    I can remember not wanting to wear diapers to bed, but being made to. This was right after I was potty trained. I would try to hide under the covers from my mom to try to evade her putting them on me. It never worked. And I remember waking up once around the same time and taking off my diaper...
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    Abandoned Places

    Where I live there's an abandoned dog track. It's pretty cool, it's got a pretty spooky vibe. Lots of bats live in it. I'd hate to be there at night!
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    bank accounts and financial stuff

    It sure is a wild world. After a bit of research I realized that the free account with the credit union would only include an ATM card, so I wouldn't be able to use it online. To get a visa debit I'd have to use direct deposit or pay money per month. So this all went nowhere, it looks like...
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    bank accounts and financial stuff

    Hello ADISC, today I've been researching bank accounts and financial stuff. I'm having problems with my finances because my mom still manages my bank account for me at 20 years old, lol. So now that I'm trying to do it, I'm bewildered by my options. Basically, this all came about because I...
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    Diapers, sex and relationship

    I'd say diapers and relationship are almost tied for #1 but relationship would come out on top at least temporarily. Long term though, I would have to eventually get diapers in somehow, and if it lead to relationship vs diapers, it could quite possibly end the relationship. Sex is important to...
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    How hot is it?

    103F, feels like 97F which is not bad at all for where I live
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    Strange Situation

    Why would you want to block that? Some kids mom isn't gonna randomly end up on there. I can think of another "site that shall not be named" that relates to diapers and would be much better to avoid while learning about AB/DL.
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    Another "on TV"

    hmm... says it will air on July 24, 2011. I will have to mark my calendar and watch it.
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    sitting in a fresh messy diaper

    I have done it before, but it's not something I feel good about. Logically, I don't like the idea of it at all. Urine is sterile at first, but feces contains some pretty nasty bacteria. Plus it smells. And the cleanup is bad. So it doesn't seem to be much of a pleasurable thing for me. I...
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    Tearjerkers - What's the Saddest Movie You've Ever Seen?

    When I saw the Lion King as a child, I ended up crying so uncontrollably that my mom had to come pick me up from my friends house and take me home. I was probably 4 or so. Also the movie "Benji" about a dog made me really sad.