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    Really? Icky... I suspected that it would start moving in that direction, but I fell away before it got too bad.
    Hey! It's Peanut! I forgot about Housepets, I fell away and haven't gotten back into it. I really should.
    Todd Sage :p from SL I have seen you before and recognized you although you may not know me
    I don't know if you dig the white background of your avatar, but everytime I see one I can't help but make a transparent version. So, here you go:

    Ohh...you sneaky lil puppy, hiding behind your lazy name here :tongueout:
    I am happy to have adopted such a cute little one. :3 So what does the puppy want to doooo?
    D'aww. C: Such a cute wittle puppyyyy. :3
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