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    I found the person that made your avatar. Check it out. toddlergirl's deviantART gallery
    I started a new zombie RP since you asked when the other one was dead just wanted to let you know
    That's awesome!
    Here's to being that happy kid inside anytime you feel like being him! :)
    I am loving all the holiday parties and holiday lights, etc.
    It breaks of the monoteny! I kinda like Christmas music too! It brings out the kid in me!
    Good luck with the tape-extending if you give it a go! The first pair I made is looking a little tired after being used with about a dozen diapers, but it still works! :)
    How come I love your avatar so much
    Wait, I have a friend who seems to believe that the statement in your description claims that children act like FBI agents in the interwebs while I thinks it's vica versa (FBI agents saying they are children).
    So confused...
    Ahh that doesn't sound too good, but I guess it happens.
    Me, well I'm alright. I just started school again, but I'm in my last term ever. But I was on holidays for the past two weeks, didn't really do much. I went away the first week to the beach with my best friend. Got the opportunity to talk to him about *B/DL stuff wayyy more than I normally do. It was alright I guess. Then second week I hardly did anything at all, was mostly on Skype the whole time ;P
    Spank you! I mean er... Thank you! And no i dont think you know me... Or maybe you do >:) and i only realised ur 14. Im 13 :D 14 soon though... Anyyywaayyysss... Imma go look for a picture now, so baiii.
    Craaaaaaaaaazzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Uhm , sorry. Haad a little fit. Annnyywwaaayyysssa... Where could one get an epic avatar similar to yours? Hehe.
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