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  • I have never bought diapers yet because I dont have the courage to buy some. If I was home alone right now I would, but my mom is now home everyday. I dont know what types to buy and how to hide them and stuff.
    How does it feel to pee/poop your diapers? Does the ones you wear actually good at holding?
    I made this awhile back because I was curious about this site. Have not been on in a long time. Just recently got back on and am now more interested in this site and diapers.
    my pleasure. i'v only recently (as in the past few hours) become a regular. id be happy to accept :biggrin:
    Hi I am new here. I hope you accept my request. I want to make friends and chat with people about diapers and other stuff.
    i use underjams actually. i used to use drynites/ goodnites but finally underjams have been released in the uk and work almost 3 times better than goodnites plus they are quite good at holding poop. the main thing i like about them is the absorbancy and the way that i can move into as many positions as i want and the side tapes never tear. i would say by far one of the best protections out there for teens and kids. cool diaper.
    I wasn't writing that for you to read. I was just being silly with Zephiel. So don't include that anywhere.
    And you are...?

    This isn't a thread, you know. This is my personal profile. Visitor messages are for writing messages to me, not for commenting on what other people have said.
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