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  • About the same (work, work). Nothing really exciting going on for me now. Halloween is's my favorite holiday. Did you do anything fun or exciting for it? And I got back from a trip to New York a couple of weeks ago as well. I've never really traveled before, so this was my first trip that I've ever really taken.
    Hey, how's life been treating you? Haven't heard from you in awhile. Everything going good?
    Hey, where did you go off to? I log onto Xbox for the first time in like 8 months and you're not on my friends list anymore. What's this tyranny? :p
    Been tired.. Ohhh so tired. Just finishing up school, going into exam week. Pumped for summer, many padded nights ahead of me kicking ass in Killzone. hahhaha. How's Cali been treatin' ya? I'm still planning on going out there. I got about a grand saved and I'm looking at tons of scholarships out there for film school. My parents have like, no money for me for college. haha. So I either need to get a scholarship or stay here for college... >.< But I'm working on it. xD
    Heyy Buddyyy! Where ya been? I miss ya kidd! All our CoD WaW times and the phone convos till like 4AM my time. lmfao. Good times. Where you been?
    Yeah man for sure, I do miss playing with ya online on the 360. I'm broke atm, so no way I'll be getting a PS3 anytime soon, sorry bro. But yeah dude I still play xbox live occasionally whenever I'm not working or flying
    i miss our late at night [for me anyways] escapades on WaW and stuff like that. Wish my xbox never died. You needa get yourself a ps tripplee so we can play together again. i miss all the party playing.. or maybe i should get an xbox. they're better online.
    well, not much. About to get my license which is good, cause its too risky driving without a license, even though I've been doing it all the time for like 2 years. I can finally LEGALLY say I can drive, which is good. Still don't got a job though. I do odd jobs here and there and get some money, but nothing special. I grew a beard and mustache. lol. but otherwise nothing much. OH! and I got straight A's and B's for the first time the first semester of this year. Now i'm shooting for straight A's. Really want that scholarship so I can get the hell out of here. Hate New England. If I get straight A's I can get that scholarship to UCLA I want so bad.
    yeah, they were a bit weird to walk in at first because the toes would curl under if i didn't pick up my feet all the way. lol. But once ya get it, it's no problem. ^.=.^
    been hitting up that modern warfare 2 you know how it is. people think i'm weird because i favoritize LMG's and refuse to prestige. Lol.
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