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  • I have a breg tscope telescopic knee brace
    An Ossur ROM moon boot and a Miami J advanced cervical collar,

    I Wear the knee and cervical collar(haven't wear the cervical in ages but wore the knee brace cause my knee was sore and locked it straight) to bed, but the moon boot isn't to comfortable so I'm selling it. I'd like to get a Milwaukee brace but its to expensive
    I also have and sometimes wear wrist braces.

    Id like to get a night split ( http://www.footankle.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ossur-night-splint.jpg ) to lengthen my tight Achilles tendon.

    Love to wear the knee brace and moon boot in public but don't want to get discovered.
    People would be confused to like: " oh he must of injured his ankle" then wonder why I'm not wearing it the next day, I'd have to wear it for 3-6wks for it to be not look sus since I'm at TAFE all week and the see the same people each week, my friends would be confused to if I saw them wearing it.
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