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  • We haven't spoken in ages!!! How are you? How was your Christmas? And New Years? Hope all is well with you!
    Another awsome time was in "The fires of Pompeii" when thaer were the two seers or whatever they were called, and they were like just puting things abot his life down infront of him and it scared him ti death.
    When i read your sig and he said it at the exact same time (I was watching voyage of the dammed at the time) It was a really awesome coincidence!
    YOUR SIG IS FROM "Voyage of the dammed"! From when the guy asked who put him in charge :D
    I cant seem to get it to work :/ but i know if you look up ''abdl blogs 4 brownback'' it should bring you right to it?
    Honestly, i cant remember if you had or not :S sorry! Hehe

    I just got done reading a ton of BS on this blog about abdl... It angered me at first. Then made me laugh at all the arrogance! :p saying that we ''recruit'' youngsters and it's a mental illness. Haha it really does tickle you after awhile reading their ''arrguments'' :D
    I'm your best AB mate?! Honest and true?! O.O Oh wow! :D I didnt have slightest clue! Wow! I mean, just tops! :) You really just made my night... Er, morning? Hehe

    I totes understand laziness :p so no big! It was just so long since I heard from you... But I'm glad that you are just lazy :p haha
    Moved up a liscence class... Now that I can drive by myself I'm going to get myself some quality diapers. Goodbye goodnites! (Well not really, they'll be like my diaper on the side)
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