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  • Hej du kan köpa dem ifrån Save som det finns länk från i min blogg. Det är billigast. Ett paket kostar runt 100 kr.
    No, I just have a crappy casio I got at Costco. I might get one for Christmas though. What music do you listen too? Freezepop is the main band that made me desire one.
    Ah dude! Is that an ax-synth? I really want one!!
    Is your avatar an instrument you own? There were Keytar kinds of keyboards during the 80's.

    I love to play multiple instruments. I've been a musician most of my life.
    Hi hppavillion, Did you know your name is the name of a professional sports complex in San Jose, California where I live. It is where the San Jose Sharks home games are played. Is that where you got the name??
    Cheers, underbar avatar du har! Ska även du åka till Zinken och se Muse spela? Såg dem förra året, helt sanslös spelning var det.
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