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  • Hey hoakie I have a request, is it possible for me to use your universe for a new story? I mean take Agis fast forward to when he is older and have him teach a university. how would you combine the little element with that? I understand if you don't.
    Can't send a Pm on mobile yet. But I posted a new character and would like to Rp with you.
    name Agis
    Age 25
    Bio age 3
    Status Client
    A up and coming musician/composer who was injured in a car accident. Somewhat modest but has a tendency to be very prideful in his appearance.
    Hi Hokie, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    Yes, it is the condition code register from the M6800 8-bit processor. I threw in an extra 'I' into my username to make it sound better. I actually used it's sister, the M6809, back in the 80's, in my first job out of school. It's CCR was EFHINZVC (if I remember correctly). It was a great processor. In fact, I much prefer the Moto processors over the IA ones.

    Funny you should mention the Co-co, I didn't have that one but my very first one was the TRS80 model 3, I also had a Tandy 1000 after that one. I spent many an hour playing around with them.

    I also currently work on embedded firmware, writing code for a large hi-tech firm. It's stressful but very rewarding.

    Thanks for asking and its great to hear from you.
    Thanks. She was half Labrador, and we don't know what the other half was, but not likely Staffy as she was far too tall and slender, even slimmer than a lab. When she was young we suspected that there might be a bit of whippet or greyhound in her, as she had that slim arched back and narrow waist, though she grew out of that as she got older. Unfortnately she passed away from heart failure three weeks ago, aged 12 and a half, which is a pretty good age for a dog of her size. I miss her.
    Yup. Virginia Tech. I'm as big a Hokie fan as much as an ABDL. I had the profile pic as my avatar for a while, but thought the VT and diaper pin was less intimidating to newcomers, which I like to greet.
    I was browsing the forums and noticed your avatar. It looks good! I was wondering, what does the "V" and "T" stand for?

    Ok, after reading your profile I think i answered my own question. You are from Virgina,,, does the the "V" and "T" stand for 'Virgina Tech', as in the college football team?
    Thank you. PurpleDinosour is the artisit. I just came up with the idea :).
    It's tough to see the wedding rings because of the lo res of the avatar/profile pic, but they are married. :)
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