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    Anyone into jeeps or 4 wheelin

    OOOWWW ME ME!! haha I got a 95yj! Love it. JEEP-Just Empty Every Pocket.
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    My DLism.

    I did't have a brother until I was in third grade, but he was a stillborn. Then my parents tried again and that was when I was eight when they had the second and it was a succulence. As for my parents, my gmom basically raised me, they were too busy at work. I pretty much just slept at my mom...
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    Some sick people in this world

    Agreed, but at the same time, he should receive 25-life.
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    My DLism.

    Thanks Bob, and Me (lol). I remember his face, like it just happen. I hate it, but it only made me stronger. He was 18-24ish black hair, baby face, green eyes, so creepy. And Bob, the part about finding your "things" to play with and stuff like that, yeah, but are you trying to say that when I...
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    My DLism.

    Ok not sure where this goes so feel free to move it. When I was 11 I was on vacation and something bad happened, I got sexual things done to me when I didn't want them to be done. So I started to like diapers when I was around 12ish and Knew I was bi at that point. So I guess the question I am...
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    Omegle, is filled with a buncha pedos. I hate it. It used to be fun though.
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    Well I guess I am Bi... Am I?

    I know what turns me on, haha, I think if anyone has problems with bis, then w.e get over yourself. I have gay and straight friends. They are all cool with it. Like I said before to everyone who comes to me for any problem, if someone doesn't like you, then tell them bye. I have the greatest...
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    Well I guess I am Bi... Am I?

    I knew I was bi since I was 13, I have told very select few that I know would not care, I know I am bi, because I went out with a girl, and liked it, but I like to look at boys too. I like boys over girls, but I don't mind a vagina here and there. Honestly, I am straight acting and you would...
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    Is this Charlie from Stickam?

    Is this Charlie from Stickam?
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    The American Red Cross Is Homophobic

    Well I think I am bi, and I have never done anything with a guy or a girl :/ And for the record, I do not have HIV/AIDS. Hah So basically, it is a "Hi I want to help someone in need of blood." "Well do you like p33n?" "yeah sorta" "Then go away."
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    How do you pronounce my username?

    I like it, its catchy.
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    Ironies within *B/DL-ism

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    I'm from PA too. What part are you from? Message back in PM or something.

    I'm from PA too. What part are you from? Message back in PM or something.
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    pennsylvania panty diaper lover

    I live near center city. haha