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    like wearing nappies from uk

    Hi likenappies, just as egor has said welcome :) A little about yourself? Helps to start with something small like a hobbie so others can relate and introduce. For example i love my gaming and hope to find a few on here to add on xboxlive etc Everyone was new once :)
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    telling people in real life

    I have told my BF and tbh was best thing i did. Only happened a week ago It was kinda cute really i hinted he was acting babyish lately and if he kept it up id treat him like one. Well i surprised him with a bag containing a onsie from asda some drynights and a paci. Said it was just a...
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    First Meet Up!!! So happy

    Sounds like you had a great time! Glad for you both (:
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    Hiya :)

    Hey. I know how it feels to step away for a while. Currently getting back into it myself :) Actually interesed to hear more about the computer science courses that are run. I'm an IT tech myself dabbling in a bit of everything really whatever job needs doing. Never snuck in some time to...
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    Got that new kid feeling again.

    Hey, East of the uk here. Took me ages to make friends in the same time zone but this is a friendly community so stick around :)
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    Nappied Gamers. How common and on what genre?

    Games are better played when comfy :) as for my fav has to be Fallout new vegas. I tend to sit on PC in pullups and tshirt whilst the boyf watches telly on the bed, sometimes he wears, mostly just relaxes with paci though.
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    Yh computers are really my area :) no programming as such but I do work with a lot of servers, IT support etc
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    All around the same time I guess, just had a whole lot going on a couple of years ago so i left it and never told anyone (: ---------- Post added at 21:38 ---------- Previous post was at 18:58 ---------- Just got back from the store got my dummy in and it feels great! :) not yet tried my...
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    Hey guys, Just wanting to say hello:smile1: I'm here mostly to make some new friends, I'm so new to this. I have been looking at diapers (or nappies as they are called over here) since I was 14 but never got the chance to try, I'm now 19 and still haven't but i really think it's about time...