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  • Wow. HI! Lol. It's been pretty good. have a broken toe right now though -_- i'm a dumb
    i know!!!!! My laptop doesn't really work at the moment and i only have IM chat software on that computer....i should fix that.
    Eh, can't really complain...trying to kick the board back to life, but you can see my progress is... negligible.
    Yes and no, the color can be your choice, but it doesn't have to be different from everyone else's though. However, it's not your characters choice, you can just choose the color as the narrator for your character

    -That ended up sounding way more confusing then I intended.
    Yeah, I found that. I'm checking to see if I said anything else as well. I don't like being inconsistent.
    If I don't find anything, perhaps I could just pick a town. (My favorite happens to be Celadon)
    Yes, he is.
    I'm trying to see if I put out any info on where Kale is from so that there isn't any possible inconsistencies.
    I think we were playing survival, just without all the Endermen that were supposed to be there too.
    Not bad, but we wound up "cheating" a little. Switching between creative mode and survival on a whim. We even killed the End Dragon thingy.
    Hey there, been awhile since I have said hi to you, sorry about that!! How have you been lately? I hope well, take care, ok!! ^_^

    I'll decide tonight and make a sheet tomorrow afternoon of that's ok. If not, then I don't want to impose and would rather you go on without me.
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