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  • All right, thanks for clearing that up. Sorry I thought you were someone else.
    Hello. I know this is kind of awkward but, I recognize your username from Haisty's cracked Minecraft server, Nillow Craft. Are you the same herobrine? I also noticed your in the "Minecraft Addicts" group. Sorry if i'm being weird in any way. I'm an admin from that server, and my username is Guilmon.
    is it? no could it be? o crap, he noticed i am st OH GOD HIS EYES! THOSE EYES, I RAAAAAAAGHHHHhhhhh..........
    Yet surprisingly few for a site based around this topic (or I am far more blind than I thought). Thanks for the heads up anyway!

    Yep, its a MC name.
    Echoing Cato - I assume this is a minecraft related name? Just to warn you, there are creepers about on the site!
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