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  • Well thanks man, I really appreciate it! Love Me Away IS up, and linked in my signature; just remember to comment, rate ETC ETC. ^_^ It's kinda funny, because I posted that story (SMA) back in like, what; July? And only now it's getting attention xD
    that's super awesome dude! yea, I think the next show I go to will be We Came As Romans when they come to Columbia, SC
    ugh, I'm so jealous! that's totally amazing! Yes, Silverstein and We Came As Romans are like 2 of my favorites, and I Set My Friends On Fire is fun b/c they sound so horrible and the singer's always high, but its still totally awesome
    dude, that's the tour with Silverstein, the one where u saw Dance Gavin Dance, right!? How was it??? I wanted to go so bad, I'd b going tonight if I could but I'm 4 hrs away from the venue since no one comes through SC
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