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    Maybe caught!

    I'm a painter and decorator which means I'm quite often working in peoples houses on my own while they are out. This means I can happily work fully nappied up and sucking on my dummy (currently having my lunch and sitting in a very full nappy). The other day I was in my little space, sucking...
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    Baby formula

    I have formula whenever I want to feel little. I tend to use half the amount of powder that babies need as it tastes much nicer that way. I don't use it as a food replacement but just as a drink.
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    Kid's undies

    I wish I could but they are to small for me. I have to find adult ones which you sometimes find ones with cartoons.
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    Real night time wetting

    We'll for the first time ever I woke up this morning in a completely soaking nappy. I don't always wear at night as my wife is not so happy with my little side. I have a very rare sleeping disorder which means I sleep around 19 hours a day without very strong medication. The only thing that has...
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    carrying around stuffies

    I tend to have my Bunny with me around the house and don't mind my friends seeing him with me but they don't know I'm little. I also took him on a camping holiday last week where people saw him with me. My kids and wife don't seem to mind.
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    Do you hae any links that would how what type you mean? Mybe the Sean Connery look in Goldfinger.
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    Unexpected little time

    Today I visited my disabled sister along with my two children. We went to the pub in her Motability Mercedes van and I was in the back. The particular seat I had was really high, so high my legs were dangling. This never happens to my as I'm 5'10", I felt so little, I even managed a good suck of...
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    High Chair

    The photo is terrible. Its like a bucket seat which hugs you.
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    Ultimate fantasy.

    For it's fairly simple and that my wife would except it and join in and change me.
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    What are you reading?

    Asterix and the Picts
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    Just came back from a purge of all things abdl

    I've tried to break away but carn't last, I just get more anxious, stressed and don't know what to do with myself. So have always come back.
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    Duct tape on diapers

    This sounds odd but I found a catheter holder - elastic strap with velcro works really well. It has a wavey gel on the side that is meant to be on the skin. I found this stops my nappy sliping down in the night really well. If you get a big one this is great. This is the sort of thing I mean...
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    High Chair

    Today I was in Ikea and they had a bar stool that looked and felt like a high chair. With a couple of modifications I think it could be done. I live in the Uk but it's not on their website but here's the link to the US one: The photo dose not...
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    Today is a sort of sad day

    Ah yes, I used a hand wash for delicates. His bottom is made of very thick stuffing which realy held the water. All dry now and lovley. I have even brought him with me while visiting my Mother in Law.
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    Very paranoid - Good Exscuse?

    I've lost my favourite dummy somewhere in the house but so far my kids and wife haven't said anything so hopefully they haven't found it. If they do I will have to think of something to say.