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    UK plastic backed nappies, So much choice.

    Personally I'm finding them better than the old tena slip, the tapes are far better than the tiny ones and the lack of a taping zone makes for a better fit and quieter nappy.
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    Sleepy Diapers?

    Order them directly from Turkey then if you don't want to pay us border taxes.
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    UK: Sureness Absorbent Pants from Home Bargains- anyone tried them?

    Right, I got these down from the loft, forgot how ridiculously narrow the core is for something marketed as a unisex product. Girls 8-15 drynite as a size comparison to the medium.
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    UK: Sureness Absorbent Pants from Home Bargains- anyone tried them?

    They used to be very similar to Aldi pullups but unfortunately they brought out a 'new improved design' earlier this year and now there fairly poor, not useless but I wore one and the rest of the pack will be going in the bin. There still up the loft atm.
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    AB/DL’s who was born in/grew up in the 90’s, what are your opinions on ABU Super Dry Kids?

    For me the SDK look perfect but just don't fit me to the point there pretty much useless for even the smallest wetting. But I've not tried them in at least 5 years due to the horrific leakage I had with my first pack, so they might have done something to improve them in that time.
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    UK plastic backed nappies, So much choice.

    Bit of an update to this, ended up making 2 orders and getting formacares, molicare, and tena, and there all great. I don't really do reviews, because I'm terrible at them but, Formacare, specifically there plastic back comfort slips, I ordered 3 variety's, Super, these are fairly thin and...
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    Drynites Jumbo Pack in the UK

    They are a new thing here, I think this is the first time a supermarket has stocked them. But they've been around elsewhere in mainland europe hence how the stock clearance shops get them from time to time. So far it seems to just be Asda that's doing them.
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    ID Slip Maxi

    There ok, completely different fit and feel to the super, padding is more of an hourglass shape, the wicking performance is far better than lesser absorbency versions.
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    NHS continence clinic self referral.

    The contracts vary depending on where you are and your health board, up here its ID, But was tena, and attends before that. Cumbria was abena, Newcastle molicare etc. I know there's zero chance of me getting any sort of useful pads off of them, but the idea of the other treatments fills me with...
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    Goodnites Absorbent Inserts for Girls

    The boys one is just a depend male guard, nothing particularly feminine about it, it's mostly grey but only has frontal coverage so sort of useless unless your a belly sleeper.
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    Goodnites Absorbent Inserts for Girls

    Well the boys equivalent is literally just depends guards repackaged. I see no reason this wouldn't just be another depend product but aimed at kid rather than the elderly.
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    Biodegradable plastic backed nappies?

    Can anyone remember abena green leaf? Abena marketed an eco adult diaper around the mid 00's but there's very little information out there, or it's called something different?
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    Betterdry issues

    Yes, this is a know issue with betterdry and crinklz, whatever glue they use to put in the leak guards is very susceptible to being broken down by skin cream. Not sure on the chemistry of it but its definitely a 'thing'
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    Girly abdl diapers?

    Just pointing out a little market niche that a manufacturer should really put a little effort towards. Way too much focus on feminine designs for a predominantly male client base, I like playing dress up as much as anyone else on here but sometimes it's fun just to be a little boy and have a...
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    NHS continence clinic self referral.

    As per title, has anyone in the UK been able to 'drop in' to an incontinence clinic for a check up, tests or diagnosis? I know normally you would need to see a GP first. What are the clinic's like? Do you just talk to a nurse, or do they give you a sheet to fill out, etc. I'm getting...