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  • Just wanted to leave you a comment about your article on making custom cloth diapers since comments on the article itself are closed.

    It is a very good article...it helped me make my own cloth diapers. I've made six custom cloth diapers using your article and some some instructional videos I found on YouTube. I use microfiber rather than flannel for the soaker layers since I wear at night and need the extra absorbency. I also sew the elastic over the seam before I turn it right side out, and that works just as good as the method shown in your article. Pics of my finished diapers can be found on my blog and in the SCA group. Again, great article...thanks for sharing. I've saved tons of money and have cloth diapers that actually fit me and work well!!!!!
    Yeah it actually is a marmot. There's tons of them where I work ,and so when I'm out hiking I take time to get good pictures of them. I also get a lot of pictures of pikas and weasels too. It keeps me entertained.
    On my current avatar, part of it, yes. I blend 2 pictures into one, and edited around it a lot. Thanks! =D
    After recently googling 'happydl' I discovered that there is someone on DD who goes by that as well. I'd like to point out that the person on DD is NOT ME! This is the only *B/DL website I have ever posted on.
    A Rody toy is this great inflatable toy (see my avatar) that you can bounce on. They can actually inflate to a very large size and are very resistant to punctures. We've had one for about 7 years and it has never had a hole in it and we only had to inflate it when we bought it. They are a little on the expensive side though, about $50 USD if I remember correctly.
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