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    Halloween Baby

    I Personally have. My get up included a bambino diaper (for modest reasons i wore underwear underneath), an oscar the grouch t-shirt, oscar the grouch matching socks, a pair of DC shoes, a MaM glow in the dark pacifier with clip , the eeyore beanie hat that's on my pic(it was cold), some...
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    Sleeping wet?

    I say try it and see how it goes. But i don't think its worth the trouble because your skin and pubic hair is most likely to absorb the urine, making it hard to clean the smell off your skin, and basically you risk getting a diaper rash (ouch). If you do decide to give it a go, use a vast...
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    How can I buy diapers with out getting caught? :/

    Best thing to do is to go to a medical supply shop and buy them in person or even try the craiglist, buying online means that you have to deal with a bulky box mailed to your home and from experience a bulky box means that people that live with you will want to see whats inside. But before you...
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    Formula for adults?

    Best thing to do is try some protein shakes. If you want that "mild" baby formula taste go for the vanilla flavor. But if you want to actually enjoy a bottle try the chocolate. And finally if you really want the true baby formula experience go for a hemp protein shake. Hemp protein is awesome...
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    Hey thanks you dogboy. Wow that is an impressive array of achievements you have. If you have any advice on how to start up, i would love to take it. What kind of musical genre do you lean towards?
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    if i had to buy a pack in a pharmacy

    From my personal experiences when buying diapers, i typically scout out a medical supply store that sells incontinence products. Medical supply stores have a wide verity of diapers, and the staff are usually friendly and don't really ask any personal questions. If medical supply stores...
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    Thank you for the welcome Egor. Other then dabbling in abdl, my interest and hobbies are centered towards the creativity spectrum. I enjoy transferring my energy into a bass guitar, self-reflection when writing lyrics , and focusing on my vocal tone. And when i'm not doing that, i'm usually at...
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    Ello every one. I'm new to adisc so i figured i'd say hello.