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    24/7 confi dry

    I have been alternating between BetterDry and ConfiDry for the last two weeks. Both diapers work well. The BetterDry seems to have a slight edge on volume that it can absorb but the plastic is a little thinner and more fragile. I wore the BetterDry for a couple of events where changing would...
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    Temporarily taking off a nappy

    Justo is correct, the "second chance" tapes need to be stored if you are not going to simply tighten the diaper. I have good luck taking the waist tapes off to use the toilet and then re-taping the diaper when I am done. Note: Take a look at the tapes on an unused diaper. They are folded...
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    Summary Data for Advanced Diaper Reviews (Jan 2018)

    Thank you for all the great information. As an active, urinary incontinent adult, I have found it difficult to find the right combination for every situation. The information here really helps. The mainstream continence forums are focused on cures. Those of us who don't have that option need...
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    Do you fluff your diaper?

    I try to unpack a case at a time. When I get ready to put the diaper on I gently fold it in half and then stretch it slightly lengthwise. This seems to give me the best fit and comfort. Allowing the diapers to expand for a few days seems to give them better absorption.
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    Cancer treatment

    I suggest that you find a good Urologist. Prostrate cancer is nothing to to try to treat with alternative medicine. If you want a website to consult I suggest Scroll down to the Prostrate Cancer portion. While you are considering your options, check out how well Steve...