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    Tie dye Megamax

    I just ordered tie dye for the first time after always getting white megamax. Pretty excited to switch it up a little.
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    Huggies finally has size 7's

    Just put my quick unboxing video up if anyone is interested!
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Why does this all feel like the ABDL equivalent of waiting for your favorite band to come out at a concert? Feel like we should start chanting Good-nites Good-Nites in unison. :p
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    Huggies finally has size 7's

    Yeah the stretch is basically the same. Not as good as the Luvs stretch.
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    Huggies finally has size 7's

    They came in the mail today! Took some immediate photos. My first impression, bigger than the Pampers Size 7 but still smaller than the store/private label brands. Ridiculously cute designs. Front of the diapers is super soft, not like the earlier Little Movers which were a little more rigid...
  6. 7 versus 6.jpg

    7 versus 6.jpg

    Size 7 Huggies Little Movers versus Size 6
  7. LMS7 Back.jpg

    LMS7 Back.jpg

    Back of the Size 7 Huggies
  8. Size 7 Comparison.jpg

    Size 7 Comparison.jpg

    New Size 7 Huggies versus other brands of Size 7
  9. LMS7 Front.jpg

    LMS7 Front.jpg

    Size 7 with new prints :)
  10. LMS7 Box.jpg

    LMS7 Box.jpg

    Huggies Little Movers Size 7
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    Huggies finally has size 7's

    Interesting. Yeah I'm skeptical but cautiously optimistic! Either way I'm not fitting into anything smaller than an XL goodnites, I just like to collect baby diapers ... but holding out hope and hopefully some insight soon for you smaller folks.
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    Huggies finally has size 7's

    Just got a shipping update and they are now coming ... tomorrow. So I will come right to this thread with some photos.
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    Tie dye Megamax

    Yep. Large in everything else and an easy medium in megamax.
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    Cruisers 360 size 7

    Nice... I heard they were going to have a wetness indicator soon, but I didn't want to take a chance on buying an old pack. Also would appreciate a a pic!
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    New Bambino Wipes

    I'm still waiting for an adult sized wipe with a baby fresh scent. The Northshore wipes are fantastic, just wish they had an equivalent version with a scent like the Pampers Baby Fresh!