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    Was anyone “allowed” to use their nappies on purpose as a child?

    I laughed at toilet "privileges"
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    How does your name represent you .

    I like horses and thought "stallion" would be ironic in the context of this website.
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    How often are you diapered?

    Admittedly, I don't wear much at the moment because I'm coming off a break from diaper-wearing, and this is why I didn't post on this forum for a good three years until last week. When I do wear at the present moment, it tends to be GoodNites.
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    What was your bedtime as a kid

    8PM for quite a while
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    Diaper dreams?

    I think this is how my fetish began in earnest.
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    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    I was diagnosed just after all of the terms were consolidated. I'm not sure how much it correlates with my fetish.
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    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    I believe it was in 1994 with GoodNites Never was a bedwetter myself but have sometimes wondered what it would have been like if I was
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    came back to ADISC

    After an absence of three years I felt inclined to return and share some insight as to where I am in my situation.
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    How do you usually dispose your diapers?

    Basically that's how I do it.
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    I'm only had one my whole 22-and-a-half year life which is Mr. Bunny and he's been with me practically all that time. So it helps that I have that lifelong bond.
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    Favourite experience with diapers?

    Anything with my stuffie "Mr. Bunny" by my side and knowing that he's not there to judge.
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    Binge purge

    I had that habit once and now I just have a bunch lying around.
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    How many times do you change in a day?

    I have no set number but change when I need to, although I admit to sometimes staying in wet ones for a little while before changing.
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    Repairing my old baby pillow

    That's really special. I also had a "reunion" some months ago with my stuffed bunny Mr. Bunny that was given to me not long after I was born. I think the things we have from when we really were babies are the most special to us as ABs.