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    (Post) College 24/7 Life

    I'm in the US. I have full intentions to go for a fully-funded Ph.D. program, I'm just gearing up for it. This last year of academics really ground me down and I need a break. As far as jobs go, I interviewed for that position. I even got a second interview and now I'm waiting to see if I'll be...
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    (Post) College 24/7 Life

    Well, I was doing a blog about this here, but well. I'm not in college anymore. I graduated with a BS in Psychology in May! Very excited to be done with college. It's weird to think that I'm "officially" what many would consider an Adult. I don't feel like it, I think my brain is still getting...
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    Tape Positions

    I figured it out. Turns out I've been taping the diaper WAY too high in the front. I knew that the back was supposed to be a bit higher, but I wasn't NEARLY doing enough. Now I'm actually taped up properly and it's much better; Haven't had a leak in days. I also determined that my pants are...
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    Summer Fun! (skin health help needed)

    Thanks for the help y'all. I picked up some normal rash/barrier cream (I only had extra strength) and hopefully it helps
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    Tape Positions

    I'll try this out tonight! I've angled the top tapes down which has significantly improved things. I mostly leak where the diaper starts to widen out more and that's made it fit a little tighter and better than before. I've also discovered that it's almost definitely my pants are too small...
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    would you like to be changed by another person?

    I wouldn't mind it at all. Not like, "a diaper check in public let's go, sweetie" kinda change, but more like "a diaper check at home let's go, sweetie". And it would have to be someone I've established good trust with enough. Something about not having to be responsible for changing really...
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    Tape Positions

    I mean, according to their sizing (waist vs hips) I'm in the Large range with a waist of 45"-46" and hips at 44", and I'm 6'2". The rise of the diapers seems appropriate. I know the sizing isn't that dependent on height, it's more about weight/body shape/size. That being said, I'm starting to...
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    Trouble hiding diaper

    yeah, it's like wearing glasses. Everyone gets used to it, and it even looks a little weird when you don't wear them. also tbh any coworker who's being attentive enough to body shape to notice a lil' extra bulk down there is downright creepy.
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    Why are size 8 pampers not available in the US?

    Ya know, slightly off topic, but my anecdotal experience goes the opposite way; I find that plastic backed tends to be much quieter (unless it's like, ABU with the stiffer plastic on the landing zone) and somehow cloth-backed always rustles way louder. Anyway just figured I'd share that
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    How to care for yourself?

    Drink enough water that you're not thirsty. Your pee should be a light amber (like, around a pale lager shade, if that helps), not clear and not super yellow (like an amber ale or IPA. If you start peeing stout, get to the ER asap). But... yeah listen to your body, in the case of water. your...
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    Trouble hiding diaper

    Yeah this one. I've only been 24/7 for 6 months in the last year, and at this point I'm like... dude if someone points out my diaper, that's on them. I'm not gonna go to great lengths and stress myself out about hiding it tho cuz it's a fact of life for me.
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    IBS sucks :(

    Isn't it just the worst? I can go months without having a flare-up, but it seems when they hit, it wreaks havoc far more intensely than when I was going through it regularly. I wish I could narrow it down to some trigger, but there's never any telling. Either that, or before was just that bad...
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    I wanted to see that! I totally forgot they made a movie to be honest

    I wanted to see that! I totally forgot they made a movie to be honest
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    IBS sucks :(

    Man, normally I refrain from posting in this sub-forum because I'm fine 99% of the time. But I just wanted to gripe about IBS, and how much I hate it. Soooo <vent> Normally I'm constipation dominant IBS, but occasionally, for no discernible reason, my body will decide to flip the switch and...
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    Change or keep wearing?

    If it's just a tiny bit, the diaper is going to do it's job and keep the wet away from the skin well enough. But anything else than "damp" is worth a change. If you don't change to save money on the diapers, you're gonna have to spend more money on rash creams and ointments if you go to bed wet.