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  • I'm great! Yeah, I got caught in that whole "banned until 18 years old" deal that happened a while back ^^
    I just heard about Peachy, I'm still confused as to why he was banned. Whats up with that?
    Well from what I have learn furrys can be a wide variety of things. My furry is more like wearing collars and believing that we all come from animals and we are all really animals deep down. Normally your furry type is dectated by how far you would go I guess. First level as i see it would be like online roleplay and drawing. Second level is like obsessive rp and wearing collors and such. Next level would be something along fur suits and stuff of that nature. Last level would be like having a religion based on it (Which there is) wearing collars all the time. Role playing is just normal and well that really high level.

    Bold is for my level. XP Sorry This is the best I can do to explain as I see it. Like i said there is a huge variety out there. Hope that helped NyU! Also watch my avatar I will be changing it soon.
    Hey Green ^_^ you can add me if you wish. I am a very talkative person if you start the convisaton. Well some times. XP Oh ps I am a furry so if I start acting weird like saying Nyu. It means im in a good mood. NyU! Like now Hehehe. Furry Neko yoy see. Cat, is what neko means XP
    Well I called them the other day and they said it was full so now I have to wait a month to call and I could be there at the start of August.
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