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    How to get a Girlfriend despite AB/DL.

    I definitely agree with the main point of this thread. Being yourself and allowing your significant other to understand you before "putting it all out there" is IMO the best way to do things. Building a comfortable and strong relationship with her/him is key before actually discussing such...
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    Ethinic Pictures

    Well I am hispanic :s but most likely the whitest looking spanish kid you'll ever meet. :s green eyes and pale skin don't help my cause for convincing people that i am not a cliche italian or frenchy.... then again i'm atleast fluent in spanish :D something that even "real looking" hispanic kids...
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    celebrities that wet or wear diapers

    yup this was definitely it :smile1: its good to see that people in the public aren't exactly shunning him for being abdl and successful in life as an actor :D
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    celebrities that wet or wear diapers

    Well theres the infamous Kate Moss picture in some french or german magazine that showed pretty clearly a diaper sticking out from her skirt, and I heard a long while back that an actor called Sean Bean actually admitted to wearing diapers :o I don't really remember what it was he said exactly...
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    Mesmerale's Re-Introduction

    Hi there Mesmerale ^^ Even though we do not necessarily know each other all *too* well, I do hope to be able to see ya around :D you definitely sound like an interesting and fun individual! Plus ur avi pic is flippin adorable! XD just gotta say... :3 talk to ya later!
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    Favorite TB/AB/DL story(s)!

    So I decided to make a thread just to talk about our favorite stories of TB/AB/DL nature ^^ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I personally encourage it :D So what is your favorite abdl story(s) that you've read? For me, The Double Life of Ariel Crawford was my first and probably most...
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    Baby Dry Size 6 vs Cruisers Size 7

    I agree with said statements C: the pampers cruisers size 7 may SOUND bigger, but it isn't really at all. If anything it might be smaller than the size 6! but i think it may be alittle thicker than the size 6. I've bought both, but i liked the baby dry better overall.
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    How's it going fellow *B/DL's?

    Hey everybody, it's GrayGem350 here just startin up on ADISC with a little introduction :) Well I am from the Big Apple, I think I might be around...55% TB and 45% DL. I have recently begun writing stories :D IMO I think my drawings might be better than my stories, but whatever :p Hopefully if...