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  • Sounds good dude, yea your real down south so you should be good with warm weather(lucky) lol, So are you in college? If so, hows the rest of your winter break goin?
    Where in Louisiana? Im 4 hrs from Louisiana, in Dallas, its been cold here this week...but ai think a warm front is coming, Im goin to New York, its gna be cold:(
    Dude im driving from Texas to New York tomorrow, its going to suck, I totally get where you are coming from, but when I get back to Ny im gna kick back relax, work, and if able get some ab supplies
    The reindeer puppy says:
    My Christmas has been ok, im watching some NbA basketball an relaxing with my fanily....hbu?
    Hey goose, I was snoopin around adisc and found your profile, hope we can become friends....wutsup?
    Surprisingly, I couldn't get into Moulin Rouge! But Phantom of the Opera is definitely a favorite of mine! I wanted to see it when I went to Vegas, but the tickets were too expensive :c I did however get to see The Lion King! It was fantastic!
    The Lion King is definitely up there on my list! Anhh yay musicals! What's your favorite? Mine is Annie (I kind of grew up with it..it's what made me start singing.) it's great to meet a guy Disney enthusiast c:
    Well, for Disney, The Little Mermaid is my favorite (second is Beauty and the Beast) For Pixar, UP is my favorite :D as well as Finding Nemo! how about yours??
    That's fine with me. No worries, I'm sure you'll hear about it when all this works out as planned. :p
    Definitely :). And yeah it should be my own place. I'm hunting for a single.
    If everything goes according to plan (and the registrar doesn't surprise me) I should be moving into an apartment (my margin is only +2 credits though..so I'm keeping my fingers crossed nothing goes wrong in transferring credit). It'd really suck to get signed up on a lease...start moving...etc etc and then be notified by the res life that I wasn't approved for off campus housing. I hope we do too.
    They aren't all the same level as up there though mind you :p. Lots of gen eds. But nonetheless, yeah I'm coming back. I saw your blog post about your math class. I'll probably be taking that when I return, how is it?
    It's going well been busy with 21 hours. How about you? I've been counting down the days until I can come back. It's driving me nuts. Just a few more weeks I suppose.
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