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  • Hope you wake up to some one who has gentle hands changing you out of your wet Goodnites into a fresh pare of Goodnites, while using the baby powder.
    I have made that mod, and it is for both genders and all ages. It is a clothing mod and you can find it in the Sims 3 group. :)
    hey i noticed that you were on my friends list, trying to meet more friends here, I see u like basketball, u any good? u like the nba or ncaa? let me know
    Happy Birthday!! ^_^

    May your special day be just that, special for you & may your birthday wish, whatever it was, come true for you!! **hugs**
    Bonne fête à toi. Bonne fête à toi. Bonne fête, bonne fête. Bonne fête à toi.
    Hello goodnite :D I randomly decided that I should say hi....... HI :) how's your story: the trip to Hawaii comming? I really like it :)
    cant wait for spring, its been mad cold in NY.
    At least some of us have blanket sleepers though! :)
    I'm pretty much da same way....I love ps3 basketball football baseball hangin with friends...diapers lol...but I really jus like hangin and bein chilled
    hey man thx for the jason im 18 yrs pretty to just hang out and chill....hbu? wut do u like to do for fun?
    Ha I see now. Sorry, I was confused. Man, I was like how the heck did he get a hold of the last two chapters?! That would have really surprised me :) . Thanks for being patient with me
    Do you mean you're reading the final two? If that is the case, you must have received them via email?
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