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    Monsters inc drynites

    Captain America!
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    anyone try white cloud dipers

    White Cloud Sleep Pants are absolute garbage. The sides rip off the front panel with ease, so steer clear of them if you want to wake up in a dry bed.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    I already wear Goodnites. A single tab diaper is easier to change.
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    If you could buy any diaper right now that you have never worn before, which diaper would you buy?

    Semi Kids or GOO.N Super Big because of my small size.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    I did mean one per side, as they are usually bigger and easier to use.
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    what is a little?

    Could someone explain what a 'little' is? I've seen the tem and am slightly curious.
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    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    Golf, golf, golf, and golf. Before I play, I'll hit about 150 range balls, and then chip, pitch and putt for a half hour.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    Out of the question, way too expensive. Also has to be effective for bedwetting.
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    SOKY Golf

    The SOKY Stae Golf Championship is August 17th, 3:00PM on the front nine at Lindsey Golf Course, Fort Knox. I have a practice round today at 3:40. Has anyone here ever played a military golf course? Lindsey is a lot of fun.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    I'm really small, 4'11 with a 27 inch waist Will they fit me? My hips are 33' but then again I have powerfully muscled legs.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    Will a reasonably priced single tab adult diaper be sold in the United States anytime soon?
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    Likey Likey

    Who likes the new Goodnites? I love them! They are super comfy and very absorbent. The designs are cool too!
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    single tab diapers europe

    Can you get them in the United States?
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    Early Bird or Night Owl?

    Definitely a morning lark, due to my job and the fact I am almost totally night-blind. Chris keeps me on mornings for that reason.
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    FAS is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is cause by drinking alcohol while pregnant, something also known as stupidity.