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    Nappies At work

    Yeah being a london bus driver is okay sometimes but it has it ups and downs as i am sure any job.
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    Family knows i wear nappies

    Ok i had my sister come over my flat today so she can look around and all that. i l still had not put my nappies away to hide them as i did not want her to know. and she see them out this is the funny thing about it she did not even ask me about them. she just asked about the flat how am i...
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    hi :)

    Hello There welcome i am new here myself. i am hoping to meet nice friends.
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    Nappies At work

    Well i work as a london bus driver and its hard when you need to go to wee and you are not aloud to stop your bus any and get off and go. So i have started to wear my nappies to work and its really good as there is no need to worry about needing to stop or phone the garage to say that i am...