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    Low absorbancy printed diapers

    I just don't like feeling wasteful because I never need/use the diapers with crazy capacity, and also the how discreetly they can be worn. ILOVED the original snuggies waddler but I've never found an equivelant
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    Low absorbancy printed diapers

    Everyone is always looking for maximum capacity ... what are some of the thinner/less absorbant/capacity ABDL diapers on the market?
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    With Babica Playcribs Closed :( Alternatives?

    Unfortunately that could not be disassembled, and since I lead a pretty vanilla lifestyle I need to be able to hide things away.
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    With Babica Playcribs Closed :( Alternatives?

    Does anyone know anyone making something similar to the Babica Playcribs? I didn't realize they were out of business and fell in love with the twin version, only to be heartbroken :(
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    Reccomendations for light bladder incontinence?

    My plan is to get into see my doc asap, this has become a problem more recently and the kiddos are 3, 3, and 2 so I don't feel like it is the ormal postpartum thing but I may be wrong :(
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    Reccomendations for light bladder incontinence?

    I work a very fast paced job, wear a green apron and serve coffee. If you catch my drift. Our particular store is pretty busy and I am a hift supervisor so I'm a little more active than most mycoworkers, lots of bending over and moving stuff. I also get crazy miserable hot,like everyday. I've...
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    Is it weird to be turned on by my wife wearing incontinence pads?

    I mean I guess it depends on your definition of weird. But even if it is weird ... who gives a crap? After my pregnancies I've ended up wearing pads for two plus months and during that time I feel ... like a sleep deprived, sweaty, hot mess and I personally feel absolutely no version of sexy...
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    Cutesy shoes?

    Does anyone have any reccomendations?
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    Lil Kink Boutique, anyone buy from them?

    Love them 10/10 would reccomend
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    Inflatable Cot

    They were made by Aww So Cute ... but got pretty universally bad reviews, I believe they have been discontinued a couple years now.
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    Wearing nappies to bed even on worknights

    I'm an after work shower kinda person, so my showers typically happen early afternoon. I will frequently wear overnight (mom of three, nights are usually the only time I get to myself enough I can) usually I just change from an almost completely dry diaper into completely dry undies ... I don't...
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    Question for parents who are ABDL?

    SO I'm a mom, and I have 3 kids under the age of three. Some evenings I am able to squeeze in some little time after my kids go to sleep and my husband and I retreat to the privacy of our bedroom. But that's on no set schedule and certainly never a day's long event
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    Most cost effective cloth diapers?

    I'm familiar with Bumgenius and applecheecks but didn't realize either carried an extended line. It is like I know what I am looking for but not whee to look at haha
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    Most cost effective cloth diapers?

    I have a dependeco i like reasonably well, but only have one and would like to branch out a bit. I cloth diapered my actual children so I have a decent understanding of different styles and the like
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    ABU Bunnyhopps

    Oh yeah I'm definitely trying them still, got my shipment notification today! Squeeee!