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    I know there's been a thread about the 15-stone baby... but what did you think about the show?

    Looks like Jimmy Saville's long lost brother :laugh:
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    How often do you was your plastic pants?

    gotta wash them regulary.
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    favorite thing to do diapered.

    can't say, gotta keep it pg-13.
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    Goodnites VS Bambinos?

    bambino's are the best.
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    What do you like best about diapers?

    warmth, bulk, cumfort, the look.
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    what was your favorite Nicktoon?

    Ren & Stimpy.
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    Who hates getting out of bed?

    Doesn't everybody?
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    Do you believe in ghosts / the Paranormal?

    No but the stuff is always interesting to watch.
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    Are you a diaper snob?

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    the best diaper for messy accidents?

    Probably Dry 24/7's or Bambino's.