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  • Hey Gingy,
    I'm in the mood for some junk food (Walters Hotdogs)

    Are you in Westchester all summer? I'll be up there soon!
    hey ME!
    one of my very first ever ABDL friends lives in Buffalo,
    he is like IDK 32, he has a masters degree and he is NOT a white guy
    he is a native-American DL!
    and he is chill
    He uses yahoo also,
    I'll ask him to invite you to one of his parties
    I miss my NY ABDL friends!

    Look what happened to Me, poor Me, I'm going to miss Me :pWelcome to adisc Gingy, hope you like it here and make some friends. Don't forget to post an introduction. :laugh:peachy let the cat out of the bag, happy birthday kid.
    Hmm...interesting new name now that you couldn't get on IRC any more with your old nick. Took me a while to figure out who you were (because I loaded the page without pictures/avatars on my shitty on-train connection). Oh, I also noticed your age changing, so (belated) Happy Birthday and welcome to the adult world *hands you stereotypical 18th-birthday gift card for the strip club/porn shop* :eek:
    I don't like most if it with lyrics, but here are two excellent Djent bands with just the instrumentals:

    Periphery - Insomnia (Instrumental) [HQ] (Courtesy of Anthony's good nose for music)
    Cloudkicker - Genesis Device + Dysphoria
    If you're liking prog I could probably hook you up with some cool music ;)

    Also a lot of stuff I think you would like called 'djent' or something stupid like that.
    probably just hit a irish bar and chill a lil.
    i miss the NYC parades though!
    let me know when your done with the anime and movie
    it's esier to talk about the series as a whole
    haruhi is the best series ever
    I have some of the original novels
    the 5th one won't be in english till july
    i've seen the anime [28 eps right now i think] and the movie [all via torrent] [i might get the actuall dvd's]
    the dub is solid,if that means anything,but i always like sub more
    and there's some manga that i wanna get later
    i still have 2 and a half books to read
    once you finish the anime and movie we should talk,it's very confusing and such and very fun to discuss and play around with
    love the concept and characters
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