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  • Ooh, get you! :p What're you doing specifically at art college? And what do you plan to do at Uni?

    How can you NOT use IM - what kind of person are you!?! :O I've never heard such Stone Age philosophy!

    And where down South are you going? How dare you prefer down there to up here!? :O You're losing brownie points by the bucketload here! :p

    And once I have tweaked it a little, I shall show you the poem :p
    Heeeey! :D

    No worries about not replying - this is the way of the Internet :p

    I'm alright here, thankyou - the rain has really got on my nerves but I wrote a nice poemy-thing about it, so got it out my system! :p Not looking forward to getting more of it, though!

    What're you up to these days? And do you have IM, 'cause it'll be quicker and easier than this! :p

    Dan x
    lol no prblem, im doing pretty good thanks
    Hey! How's it going!? A fellow North-Easterner! :O

    Welcome, hope you get along here!

    Hit me up if you wanna chat :)

    Dan x
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