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  • Hey Geno! I've been genuinely wondering how you've been! I always enjoyed talking! ♥ How are you doing lately!?
    'O wherefore art thou, Geno!? So Geno would, were (s)he not Geno called,
    Retain that dear perfection which (s)he owes
    Without that title. Geno, doff thy name,
    And for that name, which is no part of thee
    Take much myself. A kindred spirit, deareth unto me, who's absence doth pertain... Who are you? Why do you hide in the darkness and listen to my private thoughts? -missing you still, -Marka (beer)
    Geno, been missing you - actually, I've been missing me too - lol... You have plans for hosting more meets on TS or Skype? I'm concerned about things going alright with/for you - not to pry... Drop me a note when ya get a bit... My best (or the spirit for which it was intended), das -Marka
    I love love love what you're saying in the gender thread (and obviously wanting to flip out over what he's saying), have you stopped doing the skype chat twice a month? would you mind if I tried my hand at it soon? I know you have a bigger reputation here than I do but I really think skype is a better platform for social interactions with the community vs IRC (as someone that used IRC for 8 years) so would be glad to spearhead things so to speak if thats okay by you since it was your plan in the first place :3
    Well even if purple, I can tell if the name is dark that someone is either a DC or a TC :biggrin: (Both are bold so I can't tell) That's why I was asking :p
    I've seen you helping out a lot so why are you not a DC? (I can tell if your name is not dark Purple)
    Thanks, I'm going a lot better now. I've simmered down a bit over the past few weeks since that thread, nothing of a major breakthrough, but enough to leave me just feeling alright :)
    Congrats on picking up my old gig! I'm sure you'll be great at it. There must be something about wise, Scotch-drinking Michiganders that makes them great content editors.

    Also, take it to the bank that your promotion was the thing I found worthy of breaking my distaste-borne semi-boycott of posting on here again after the bullshit of a few months ago went down. I hope your tenure proves to be everything you hope it can be and more!

    Hey I actually really liked your post in my thread. It was a nice breath of fresh air compared to some other responses. Anyways good response
    Congratulations on becoming a TC, Geno. You definitely deserve it!
    That was a such a well written and enlightening article you wrote! I gave praise on the article itself and I'm going to give it here as well, because you deserve it.

    Well done, Geno! Well done.
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