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    WhAT iS gOiNg On???

    Dust Bowl a cumming
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    Riskiest place or time you wore

    What was the time where the risk of being caught wearing a diaper was the greatest? How did you deal with the possibility that the diaper was made public knowledge?
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    Parades where diapers are okay

    Are there any diaper friendly parades in the US? I know that Halloween might be the easiest of nights to dress casually but is there a parade where it's acceptable or at least taken in a fun spirit?
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    How long did it take?

    When others discovered your interest in diapers, did they ever become accepting?
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    Affordable all white diapers

    The cost of diapers keeps going up. It is hard to justify paying almost 100 dollars for a printed half case of diapers. What is a lower cost alternative for an all white diaper that is not medical in its appearance?
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    Where to find pamper fragrance

    Does anyone know if a pampers scent is available for purchase? If so where is it to be found?
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    Best spokesperson to promote adult diapers?

    Every product could use a spokesperson. For adult diapers who do you think would be the best representative to promote their use?
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    Genetic disposition to Abdl?

    So much of who we are stems from DNA or environment. Does your abdl tendencies relate to either?
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    Holiday themed diaper tapes?

    One way to dress up an all white diaper is with diaper tapes. ABU has an assortment but does anyone know of a place where you can get themed diaper tapes? Thought it wouldbe fun to have tapes for all the holidays especially with July 4th around the corner. Thanks for responding.
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    Beaches in California that are diaper friendly

    With so many beaches in the Golden State, are there any that are "diaper friendly?"
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    Medical records and diapers

    I know doctors maintain records of their patients and was wondering if they would indicate a patients preference for wearing diapers if their was not physical or medical need. If the patient preferred diapers over underwear would that info be listed in the patient's record? Thank you for your...
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    How strong is the relationship between diapers and need for nurturing?

    Just curious but wouldn't you agree that most Abs/DLs feel the need for diapers because of an innate need to be nurtured? Could it be argued that those desiring diapers/bottles were never nurtured enough?
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    Ever have a parent who was encouraging or tolerant?

    Reactions to abdl behavior run the gamut. Reasons for the behavior often is related to lowering anxiety. In light of this have you ever had a parent react to the news in a understanding manner?
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    History of abdls

    It'evident that many abdls exist. How far back can this interest in diapers be traced? Is it reasonable to assume abdls existed 100 years ago?
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    Are diapers an addiction for abdls?

    Just curious...any parallels to other addictions or can a distinction be made?