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    Yaay computer in my room

    congrats, I remember when I first got my computer, I so happy I could come to the diaper sites with out anyone knowing, still had to be carfull though esspecialy if my door was open
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    where do you wear your diaper

    I must say Eclipse it is pretty daring indeed to wear one to your friends house
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    Mayday, Mayday Diaper stash found! This is not a drill!

    Well look at it this way, if YOU didn't put them in a garbage bag and they weren't in the garbage, than why would anyone have a reason to put them in a garbage bag.
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    WoW Levels

    Level 35 human mage level 23 human rouge (don't know if I spelled that right) got tired of the mage. Thinking of doing Horde Character maybe.
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    where do you wear your diaper

    usally just in my room to bed
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    success of telling people

    Well I have only one person about my interist and like about diapers. My friend that I told this to is probably the only person that I would ever say anything about it to. Because I had known him for a few years and we were good friends so I trusted him to keep a secret from everyone else. The...
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    have you ever had that 'moment'

    Well something simmiler happened to me when I was in sixth grade. We were at the zoo for a field tripe and I guess the fod I ate wasn't agreeing with me and I really felt like I had to go to the bathroom but when I tried I couldn't. So when I get home after school I finally am able to go and...
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    Do any of you wish you were incontinent?

    I wouldn't want to, because one of thrils at least for me about wearing is the fact that I do it in secret and it is my own little way to relax after a hard day. Kind of just a way to find my on space. If I had to wear diapers than how could I ever really relax in them. Know I do wish that I...
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    New guy on the block

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    Flash Action Script 2.0

    I am using CS 3 but with Action Script 2. Yeah I know what your talking about when you say newbie mode, we used that in my interactive comm 1 class. the thing here though is I am learning Action Script through a flash game development book that I borrowed from one of my teachers and I haven't...
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    Sending Messages

    that explains it, thanks guys for the answer
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    Flash Action Script 2.0

    I am using this programming language for some flash games and I am new to it. Does anyone here know the language well enough to hep me out with a syntex error. thanks game_designer
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    Sending Messages

    So new to this site and this type of site machanics. What do I have to do in order to send a privet message to some. thanks game designer
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    Other sites

    How many here have accounts on other diaper sites other than this one. I have one like two others
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    How you got your first diapers

    I had the perfect chance. My parents and my sister were away for the weekend and I found a medical supply store close to my house but not so close that someone would recognize me. I went in asked for some First Quailty diapers. I was a little imberised but at the same time over come with...