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    pooping a diaper for anxiety and stress relief

    Hello. I have two or 3 reasons because I mess my diaper. At first, because at mornings I can't hold it, I doesn't do it on purpose in this case. It is a hassle because I often poop two times at mornings, and wery often when I think I do not have to poop anymore, and after washing me and puttinng...
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    how to manage about the smell in fecal icontinence

    dawayne, thank you for your advice, I have googled it and there are several companies who ship that product overseas. Definitvelly I will try it out, I hope it works well with my issue of odor due fecal incontinence. Thank you!
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    Sexual attraction [adult content]

    I like diapers since little child. I had no sexual problems with my first and second girlfriend, but as more I went into using diapers, and masturbate after wettig and messing my diaper, I began to have erectile and eyaculation problems with normal sex. But if my sexual partner is wearing a...
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    how to manage about the smell in fecal icontinence

    When I have a mayor accident in my diaper while I'm at my home, it's ok. But when I have a poop in my diaper while out of home, the smell makes me feel embarased and to avoid being to near to other people who could notice the smell and then of course take a closer look at me and notice the bulk...
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    hello, formerly my username was diaperuser71, I live in the Canary Islands, Spain

    Hello to everybody. I use adult diapers since I was 14 years old, and did it secretly, but no way how good I hided my diapers and plastic pants, my mom found it several times, and it was a taboo thema, I didn't wanted to speak about it with my parents, and they didn't liked the subject too. But...