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  • In case you didn't get the message (your PM box is full) I posted a response to you in The Riddle Thread.
    Only when my bestest brother in the whole world gets to see me and tell me how cute I look :)
    That's cool. If I could share anything from my own college experience, it would be not to rush into a particular major until you feel really certain about it. Definitely go into an area that you enjoy. \

    I was in a hurry to get through and finished in three years. It wasn't that I was a bookworm, I just took a heavy load of classes. I still found a lot of time for work and many student activities. But when I was finished, although I immediately was placed in a well paying job, it wasn't me. I hated the type of work. I ended up staying with it for seven years before going back to my University and searching for a different career. The counselors had me take an interest inventory test, which was to identify those types of careers that I might enjoy. What I found is that my existing job was at the completely opposite end of the spectrum. Shortly after, I quit my job and returned to school. Now I love what I do.
    Hey, I'm not going to knock the hard work of student life. Been there, done that, still doing that! (I'm taking some additional university courses right now).

    Student life. Hmmm? Staying up up late cramming for finals, memorizing Latin terms for all sorts of scientific organisms and parts, trying to work night shifts or odd hours to pay to work --schoolwork that is! So I have a healthy respect for the education life! --Then there's the problem of hangovers from too much release of wound up energy--that is if you can still find the energy to party!: laugh:

    So what's your major?
    My duties, well no gunfights (yet?). But really, it is a lot like the old west, but in modern times. We have quite a few cows that we raise on the mountain in the summer, and feed out in the valley in the winter. Lots of riding horses, herding cows to and from pastures, branding calves, vaccinating, playing midwife (delivering calves--sometimes assisting with birth in "pulling" calves during difficult deliveries, driving tractors, putting up hay, chopping corn, driving trucks & horse trailers, putting up fences, blood, sweat and tears. --But that's the life of a cowboy.

    I actually have another job to support the habit, as generally there isn't much profit in farming or ranching. Lots of open spaces and being outdoors.

    What do you do?
    Well, It kind of represents a bit about me. I am a cowboy so I do ride horses (real horses) a lot. But I am also AB/DL, so the rocking horse just kind of fits the babyish side of me.

    I drew the rocking horse from a picture of an actual rocking horse.
    "nuts, insane, bonso, no longer in possession of ones fact that he's three fries short of a happy meal... WWWWAAAACCCKOOOO"
    My FAVOURITE episode of stargate. Excellent pic ROFL
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