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  • Thanks so far she's trying to go to a concert here that won't be happening just so she can see me for at least a week, at least we both have msn. :)
    Yep she knows of my Dl / somewhat Tb side only downside is....she lives in Tn and I live in Va, but none the less we've been trying to make plans to meet up here in the summer hopefully.

    And things are going pretty well, though I haven't been in Diapers for a few months now as it's too damn cold for me to ride down to Kmart.
    I'm fine. I had a little computer problems, but it's all fixed now.
    I hope. :p
    Hey dude im doing fine thanks for asking, and dont worry about it, everybody gets busy at one time or the other, how are you doing?
    Hey! Thanks for your comment; it's great to meet another Zelda fan! I haven't done much with the Xbox or the Wii or any of those "newfangled" systems... I actually only moved up from a PS1 to a PS2 this year! As you might have guessed, I'm a huge fan of older video games... particularly turn-based strategy games, basically stuff with a lot of story as opposed to an emphasis on button-mashing. I actually have some physical issues that make it hard for me to do first-person shooters and stuff like that... I usually end up just getting mad at the game for being so darn hard! Anyway, it's really nice to meet you, and I hope to see you back and posting again soon! :)
    Hello FuzzyRabbit :) and thank's for your comment, Now your the one giving me support lol and i really appriciate it, you have cheered me up too now :smile1:
    So you're 17 and a college student? I didn't even graduate from High School until I was 19. (Mother didn't start me enroll in 1st grade until I was seven). From one bunny to another - Good intro - glad to have you on ADISC!
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