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    hey there. i've been off the map for a few months.. regenerating :P back in action. if your...

    hey there. i've been off the map for a few months.. regenerating :P back in action. if your still free and single and would like a chat or something else. get back to me. apologises again for not replying.
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    28/10 14:32

    Greetings, i rarely feel acknowledged for my achievements and i fret asking for the help i need . i'm an established contributor to this site but whimpered away 8 months ago, ... since then i've had 2 jobs attacked by a dude with an axe, grew some my own vegetation and climbed into my house...
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    Hey have you read any of Martin Heidegger? i've only recently discovered Plato's works - it's...

    Hey have you read any of Martin Heidegger? i've only recently discovered Plato's works - it's great to see how here there written in plays, i dipped my toe in the philosophical pool with philip k dick first , whilst having a family member talk a lot about Martin Heidegger when was younger . i'm...
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    Question for non-sexual *B's

    i tried to ask something like this before. it's definitely a strange one, i've seen and spoken with people who's disability has in some way forced them to wear nappies (inco'briefs ) and they've found it Not directly a sexual thing - but a comforting thing. So a " fetish" that was Never there in...
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    underjams in the uk

    i've seen them in tesco's lots of times - ur referencing the boxer style right? if u ain't seen them i suggest a bigger tesco's, i live in n.ireland an they've been here yonks. unless it's Not the boxer style ur referencing in which case ' My Bad'
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    Pls answer this techy boffins

    i'm bringing this up again cause i never really got a clear answer 1st time. Will u techy boffins ever allow it so i can use the chat functions on this site Via a playstation 3? it's taken for granted that everybody uses a PC - i dont have a PC :( i feel like i'm only peering in the shop window...
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    The Ps3 is no longer unhackable!

    Yes to both. But people couldn't be bothered to learn programming because they are very complicated therefore thats why people hack d shit of Windows. that said analysist from Cnet think in 5 yrs time there will be virus
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    AB/DLism in popular culture

    No not satellite, terrestrial u can find 4OD in you tube ( if it works in ur region ) when they " came round here " , what was being asked? i figured u couldn't just post on the boards without reg. first?
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    Your stash when you are gone

    i don't believe no'one noticed this - iastatedl Said : "You never hear about things being discovered after someone dies suddenly. I sometimes think about "if I die in my sleep, how am i going to explain my stash." Foolish I know, but still.." how am i going to explain my stash ? Your DEAD i...
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    AB/DLism in popular culture

    Well this topic is about ab,dl,tb... in the media. I've got one - ME! Yup i was contacted Channel 4 ( UK ) the first emailed me saying they were making a show and wanted to know if they could phone me and possibly come on the show. We spoke on the phone and she asked if i knew many folks into...
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    Which sites, which brand?

    yeah i noticed they weren't cheap, baffles me tho? u'd think buying ice from eskimos wud cheaper ? why is that.
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    pooping while sitting down

    meditate . get control of ur breathing, poo where u comfortable and control ur breathing while doing so . an just say to urself next time gotta go i'll control my breathing like i did when was comfortable. logistics play an important role too - square peg round hole,
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    Which sites, which brand?

    i think this would be the best place to ask this. Who lives in the uk and has ordered directly from abena ? I've ordered this morning and wondered how quick they were to shipping within the uk? Also do they use royal mail or private ? - just incase i'm not there to collect ? naturally i assume...
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    crossover chatter lol

    There is a crossover that occurs here with a lot of people that has a genuine reason to wear nappies and come here perhaps to enjoy the social vibe of others respectively of their reasons and motives to wear nappies. my question is this could sites devoted to other fetishs such as "foot fetishs...
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    A question about expenses

    i'm leaning on the side now of having to wer and not by choice, i got a fright the other day when i went to a local pharmacy and they were outa stock! it's now made me consider buying bulk and buying online, i too would now be on this cusp that you are now referencing - Social implications of...